When you visit, you'll meet people just like you - common folks trying to live uncommon lives in a way that is real, smart, brave and fun. It's important to us to connect with you and your family. So, visit us soon and when you come, please stop by and see us after service. Remember...WE'RE SAVING A SEAT FOR YOU! 


meet our pastors

After almost 30 years as Arts & Worship Pastors, Jerry & Robin Gilliam came to us in February, 2009. We knew then God was leading us to become a family community of faith who might look a little different. Together, we developed a vision statement that speaks to who we really want to be... "We exist to develop fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ."  Today, we see our church becoming more and more like our vision. We're grateful for all God has done and invite you to become a part of God's unfolding story here at NBC!


more ways to connect with us...

To email us, click here.

You can catch our Facebook page by clicking here.

For more website details, click here to connect to "I'm already coming." This page will give you detailed info about all we do.

If you'd like to donate to NBC, click here.

If you really want to move in the fast lane, click here for our "Next Steps" in becoming part of the family.


what's Sundays like?

we want you to be comfortable when you visit us, so, here are a couple of things you may want to know about our Sunday services...

  • we dress very casual. it's a "come as you are" environment.
  • we meet at 10:00am but come a few minutes early to get to know some of us and catch announcements on the screens
  • we really do have an incredible kids environment for all ages from nursery to elementary levels that meets during the morning worship service
  • we love to sing, loud, and with energy
  • our goal is for you to encounter the presence of God
  • we will use multimedia, dramas, videos, and illustrated sermons
  • we are a full gospel church. so that means we believe in the moving of the Holy Spirit (don't let that weird you out - we are not a cult and we don't do snakes)
  • we pray for the sick because we believe in healing
  • you will be treated like family with unconditional love and acceptance 
  • there's no judgment because we're all in the same boat

here's what it look likes

so, we record our services and put them on Facebook live. the quality of video is not that great but we're working on getting that improved. that said, if you want to see it, click here to be linked to our Facebook account. click here if you want to see some photos.