middle/high school students


meet our student pastor

we are very proud to have Jared Goins as our student pastor. Jared is a graduate of Lee University and serves as the director of the Powers Unit Boys & Girls Club in Cleveland, Tenn. the team he has with him at New Beginnings is a great group that loves teenagers and is committed to their growth. that said, they have crazy fun and are a blast to be with! 

17 student ministries

17 student ministries at a glance:

we believe that a church's student ministry should be the best place for young people to live, grow, and learn. we are committed to providing a safe place of community and belonging for our youth. below is a brief overview of what goes on at 17 student ministries, but if you would like to know more or learn what spaceships and people have in common, click here.

monthly breakdown:

first wednesday - chill 

a hangout setting with snacks, drinks, music, and games. at the end, we'll finish up with a devotional, testimonies, and prayer. a great environment to bring your friends to.

second wednesday - word

a worship night and bible study. we'll open with a game or activity, then go into worship. this is followed by a lesson and discussion. we'll end the night with snacks and social time.

third wednesday - community outreach - "17 serves"

an opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ as our student community serves our local community.

fourth wednesday - word

same as above

random fifth wednesday - "wild card wednesday"

we'll load up and go somewhere awesome, or stay in and do something crazy. movies, fear factor, bowling, anything could happen.


parental release form

Parental Release Form (pdf)